Saturday, August 8, 2009

Danger in Chess - How to Avoid Making Blunders

Danger in Chess - How to Avoid Making Blunders
PDF | 63 Pages | 3.30 MB

You'll like this book even if it is one of the many chess books that tries to make its point negatively. That is, its examples say, "look, here he didn't see the danger, and lost, etc." May be, critics say, there is not corresponding (positive) instruction on how to avoid the danger. Another way of saying this. Say it was a book on war, called "Danger in War." It is full of examples showing, for instance, a soldier standing up instead of crouching in his foxhole. He thus gets wounded or killed. This book says, by using examples in this way, "see, that was dangerous." This is interesting. Why do you need this book? The examples are good, the writing is good, and the chapter titles (thought-related factors, position-related factors) are interesting and it has a good instructional content.

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